Mount Engadine Lodge is proud of its heritage and continues to grow and change with the times. Castleavery Hospitality Ventures Inc. operates with an understanding for the unique ambiance and necessary care unto the Lodge and surrounding area. Whether you’re planning an overnight stay or an event with a group, your experience at Mount Engadine Lodge can be structured to meet your individual needs. From dietary restrictions to tips for taking in the local sights, we’re here to make your time at the Lodge absolutely unforgettable.

Simon Harvie, General Manager, Mount Engadine Lodge

An avid adventure-seeker with a love of the outdoors, Simon enjoys engaging with guests, sharing stories and having the unique opportunity to hike or ski on a daily basis. A native Albertan, he's explored the globe from Quebec to Singapore. He graduated from Bishop’s University with a Business Degree before managing a tennis club in Southeast Asia. Simon later moved to Vancouver to be closer to the mountains and enjoy an urban outdoor lifestyle. Simon’s passion for the mountains has brought him back to Alberta and to Mount Engadine Lodge.

Chef Mandy Leighton, Executive Chef, Mount Engadine Lodge

Chef Mandy Leighton began her start at the Lodge in Fall of 2017. With her background in holistic nutrition and love of the mountains, she has created a dining experience that goes hand-in-hand with the Lodge’s cozy atmosphere by incorporating the spirit of the wilderness around it. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada on PEI – widely regarded as Canada’s premier culinary school  – running the show in the kitchen is something that comes naturally to Chef Leighton. After moving to Calgary in 2011, Chef Leighton’s belief in making food that not only tastes good but is good for you lead her to enrolling at the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition, where she received her certification as a holistic nutritionist. CONTACT

Gair Fryers, COO Castleavery Hospitality Ventures Inc.

Born and raised in Calgary, Gair Fryers is the COO of Castleavery Hospitality Ventures Inc., a small group of Albertans that pride themselves in owning and operating local hotels that offer guests an authentic Canadian experience. Castleavery was created to bring a new concept in hospitality to life in Alberta – backcountry luxury hotels that provide an “at-home” feel with exceptional service. In his role at Castleavery, Gair oversees acquisitions and procurement of new properties as well as operations of assets. He has a background in real estate investment, financial modeling, and securities. Gair has lived in numerous cities throughout North America but recently returned to Calgary due to his love of the mountains. An avid skier, Gair spends the majority of his winter weekends on the slopes in Kananaskis Country.

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Oh the food, food, food, food!

“There's something to be said about a staff that so naturally and happily accommodates the needs of their guests, including young kids. The views from your room, the small number of rooms and the feeling like it's your home away from home (leave your shoes at the door, walk around in your socks!). Finally, the food. Oh the food, food, food, food!"

Blair, Canada
July 2016