Get enchanted by the sounds of melting snow and new growth during Spring; during the Summer, take to the lakes in a canoe and explore the Rockies from a new vantage point; in the Fall, witness the valley bed and surrounding forests burst into a blaze of inspiring oranges, yellows and reds; and bundle up in the winter for a long season of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and, of course, a piping mug of hot cocoa at the end of the day.

Autumn at Mount Engadine Lodge

Autumn in the Canadian Rockies is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful seasons in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Between September and November, Lodge guests are treated to the dazzling spectacle of millions of trees changing colours, shedding their leaves, and preparing for winter. Some of the higher peaks will get their fresh coats of snow and the crisp, fall air is positively life-affirming.

Throw on a sweater and lace up your hiking boots, because the hundreds of kilometres of trails and pathways are still filled with hikers and trail runners. If you’re feeling extremely adventurous, you can still climb some of the peaks – but be sure to check weather forecasts, pack accordingly, and be safe! Rent bikes for the whole family with our partner Rebound Cycle if you want to see everything and get around quickly.

For a true Canadian experience, hop into a canoe and take an awe-inspiring trip across the clear waters of the nearby lakes and rivers. When the day is done, wrap yourself in a blanket and settle by the fire, enjoy a local craft beer and exchange stories with other guests from around the world.

Looking for something truly unforgettable? Admire the warm hues of Kananaskis from above with our friends, Alpine Helicopter — it’s the ultimate rush.


  • Hiking
  • Trail Running
  • Cycling
  • Nature Watching
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding

What to Pack

  • Bring slippers for extra comfort inside the lodge.
  • Hiking Boots
  • Layered Clothing
  • Fishing Rod + Licence

Travel Tips

The gravel road to Mount Engadine Lodge is a numbered highway which means your car-rental insurance is still valid.