Upcoming Dates:

APRIL 13-16th, 2023  Writer’s Yoga Retreat 

NOVEMBER 2-5th, 2023 Mountain Yoga Retreat


 As a lifelong adventurer, instructor Sarah Harvie has been leading people on their inner and outer journeys for over seventeen years. Each season, we welcome Sarah back to the Lodge to host our beloved Yoga Mountain Adventure Retreats.

Join us for a 3-night retreat with Yoga (Asana & Nidra), Pranayama Meditation and self-guided outdoor activities.

Accommodation options include: Glamping Tents, Cabin rooms, Lodge rooms and Lodge suites.

Single Occupancy starting at $1,995 per person + taxes

Double Occupancy starting at $1,495 per person + taxes

Engadine Writing & Yoga retreat


“…I resurrect myself every day, in every moment that I allow myself to feel and become. It’s

my daily reminder to let myself burn to ashes and rise, new.”


-Glennon Doyle, Untamed



If you were to capture a word, a sentence, paragraph or a page of your own words every

day for the rest of your life, what would you write? What would you discover? Uncover?

Understand about your  or understand that you wouldn’t have otherwise known?


Whether you write to grow, to heal, to get closer to the land, to tell a family story, or just

write to record all that is impermanent, Engadine’s yoga and writing retreat will ignite your

senses and incite new perspectives.


We will use inspiring writing exercises and shared tools to spark new energy and creativity

and put pen to paper. 


What to look forward to: 

 3 structured writing workshops with inspiration gathered from meditation, outdoor exploration, and selected readings

Personalized tools to help connect your written word with your lived experience

Uninterrupted writing time

Prompts drawn from selected readings and inspiration

Writing coaching & facilitation

Time to reflect with pen and paper following meditation

A beautiful journal and pen to take home

A chance to share your work, if desired


To write is an act of self-compassion, and a gift we give ourselves. This retreat is for everyone, no matter where you are in your writing journey. We invite you to ignite your creativity!


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