Summer at Mount Engadine Lodge

If you've chosen to visit our lodge in the summer (between late May and late August), you've made an excellent choice! Contrary to what you may have heard, this area of Canada can be quite hot in the summer, with days reaching in excess of 30 degrees Celsius. It's the perfect excuse to head outside and enjoy the crystal-blue skies, the refreshing breezes, and all the activities you'll find surrounding Mount Engadine Lodge.

A constant favourite, the hiking trails become busy in the summer, as people take advantage of the long, sunny days and warm weather while ascending the mountain paths. With more than 15 hours of solid daylight per day (and several more during dawn and dusk) between May and July, you can easily set out for early-morning hikes or evening strolls without having to worry about being caught in the dark. Trail running is also popular, as well as renting a bike or taking a bike tour through our partners at Rebound Cycle. The best part of a summer trip, though, is that it's warm enough to hit the water!

There are plenty of water-based activities and sports to keep our visitors busy: you can take an invigorating dip in the lake to cool off under the hot afternoon sun; you can hop in a canoe and paddle your way around the picturesque shoreline, taking photos of the scenery as you go; or you can grab a fishing rod and haul in some of the famous trout, whitefish, or northern pike that live in Alberta's lakes and rivers. It's all up to you.

Whatever you end up doing, remember to stay hydrated and keep your energy up - it's easy when you know that we're all-inclusive and take care of it for you! Start your day with a gourmet two-course breakfast, and then we'll pack you a delicious lunch to go along with you on your daily travels. And when you get back, ready for our mouthwatering dinners and desserts, you'll have plenty to talk about with the other guests!

For an incredible and unforgettable experience, ask us about the tours hosted by Alpine Helicopter, which allow our guests to see the beauty of Kananaskis from thousands of feet in the air. We could try to describe it, but the words wouldn't even come close.

Tips & Tricks

- bring a water bottle from home to stay hydrated on the trails
the gravel road to Mount Engadine is a numbered highway which means your car-rental insurance is still valid
- a brimmed hat will help keep you sheltered from the sun
- the Lodge provides bear spray if you don't have your own 

Are you visiting in Spring, Winter, or Autumn? Click on the links to find out more!

By far the best tea we had in Canada!

“The lodge is built on the edge of a meadow surrounded by mountains. It is remote and wonderful. The food is great, particularly the afternoon tea – a deli-style mixture of cheeses, olives and cold meats followed by cake. There is a range of tea and coffee (with teapots and big mugs) available 24/7 – by far the best tea we had in Canada, with heavenly views.”

Robert, United Kingdom
July 2016